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Strawberry Kaze
February 11, 2006

So, I think I should get a layout change. I think that would be good.

Today is pretty boring. Supposed to snow. It's kinda sleeting. Yesterday I went over to Axy's and made some valentines. I really have no inspiration nor ideas as to what to make.. haah.. does anyone even do this anymore?

Well, I think it's nice to get stuff on Valentine's day, even if you don't have someone. Because it was much more fun when you gave each other stuff as kids.. although it was usually just cards with bugs bunny on them.

ah ha! those bunnies were so cute! >//<

Today I am a sloooooottttthhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Yesterday I really didn't want to go to school either. There was no motivation. at all. I'm kind of sick. Maybe i won't go on Monday. Maybe I got sick so I won't have to go to school.

I feel like going to a gym and working out. That would be extra special.

Sooooo.. for all of you who wanted snow this weekend.. it will probably happen tomorrow. I kind of want to go to the Kenedy center myself, but whatever happens, man.

saa~ peace out

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February 4, 2006

Ahh~ This weekend is no good. i've just been going through some stuff all day, very exciting. And i found another yearbook! those are fun to look through.

well, it could be blizzard-ing right now. it could be.

and i've been reading Nana lately. SOOOOO good -_-~ ahahaha!! I believe this is one of the best mangas.

And I failed miserably at an audition for fiddler on the roof on friday. I'm not too phased though, I wanted to see what it was like ...

"So this is what all the fuss is about"

Pretty much. And I haven't got too much homework this weekend. I should look for colleges or something I know nothing about. Yeah. Maybe. Not. I wonder what people are doing this weekend...?

Ahh! Jason and the Argonauts is on SciFi! What is this world coming to?!? (FYI: I had to defend Jason in english as a decent hero. ha ha. Yeah it was bad. well.. we got in second place at least..)

Ahh.. all this sitting around.. it's not HEALTHY! How is it JUSTIFIED! how can parents allow this sort of thing to happen! and possibly promote it. Homework certainly isn't helping the situation. There shuld be a lot less of that. and more happiness running around office buildings and other random fun. There should be office building olympics. it's not nearly as fun to run around outside after all.

Well, based on the excitement as of late I believe it is in good order to stop here.

I felt kinda like this friday

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January 31, 2006

Something very interesting just occured to me. On those Dove chocolate wrappers they have little bits of advice and them that I guess supposedly help you live your life better. And since it's chocolate and chocolate is powerful of course people would listen to it. So if you gave a wrapper to virtually anyone important you could have a lot of control over what they do.

woo.. i kinda just woke up...

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January 30, 2006
shiro agete~ agemasen~ jan ken pyon no jan ken pyon! jan ken pyon..
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Today was relatively strange. More or less I had a boring weekend though. I waz gonna go to cabaret friday but couldn't. and then i took a happy stomach pain-indusive, urge to yell at the top of your lungs SAT. But it was okay because afterwords when everyone was high off the pencil lead and lack of sleep we had a picnic. all good.
And then I went to a party and went home and did calc for eternity. And I drove with no problems~ woot!

Something really cool needs to happen right NOW!


In government some kid dropped in and wiggled a ryo-oh ki plushie at mrs. ring. i was astounded..
well, anyways, that was one thing that happened today. I don't have much homework. I need an excuse to be motivated. *looks around* I'm still waiting for that really cool thing to happen.

But anyways, everyone's got one of those new fangled webloggin' devicers. well, I think Strong Bad's new technology email is of good accuracy on everything.
Arina posted a cooly picture yay! ^_^
but this isn't it.

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January 25, 2006
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man. I should be more dynamic. or something. Life is so boring nowadays..

So today was worth entering into a blog. Nothing is ever worth entering into a blog though.

I think my groups defense of Jason was pretty good. Hahaha.. that slam was so easy to.. rebute? is that right? well. that's english class.
And I made cookies for calculus! That's sounds like.. props! err.. there's a term! The bee's knees? Cookies for calc sounds like that. So I made something edible and fairly tasty. I'll make it more from now on.

So many thoughts! I keep losing them!

What's this myspace craze anyway? I say, sensei, these blogs are faddish.

I remember it..! So. I found this American News program talking about morning musume. They compared it to crazy japanese gameshows... or the spice girls with pork chops on their head... being chased by a giant lizard...

They were playing spice girls today on WNHS.. never got into tha either..

And I've also come to the conclusion that it's going to be very confusing in Japan, as people kind of talk in metaphors. Just come out and say it! I'm already lost enough as it is..

this is something like my halloween costume. Madame Flamboyance!

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January 20, 2006


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So today was a fine day indeed. I think I'll arrange it in mod format.
1st period: I finished my English test on time actually..
2nd period: Took a french test.. I don't know why, but test days are really nice
3rd period: Yeah.. not much happens there
4th period: Um.. this class was kind of tiring actually
5th period: Hooray! Art class is always amusing though.
6th mod: oh look.. module.. perhaps it signifies the excitement. I was Ronald Reagan in a presidential party thingy. And there was so many food
7th period: lunch.. but i was full. and everyone was so ecstatic to see how many cookies mary brought in.. if only they saw that table..
8th mod: Perhaps the best one yet.. OUR egg drop WORKED! Not only that, but it was a mere 9.2 GRAMS! WE definetly WON. And it was done last. Just for effect? psh i dunno, but it was pretty freakin' sweet.
And then I took a yearbook piccy. and stood around with the tennis people. I would try out for that if I had any sports capabilities *Looks in owners manual* nope.. doesn't come equipped with those..

And I took a walk. And I kept hearing owls. Richfield Station has really thick forest around it so naturally that's natural I suppose. I want a backyard with a forest so I can EXPLORE! And find owls~ I like those.

Ahh~ It's dark now. And I'm not doing anything tonight. Nee~ Where is everyone? ara.. maybe i'll paint an owl or something.

Oh! Does anyone remember the snowlets from the Olympics in Nagano in 1998? I sure do. Probably because my 3rd grade teacher was obsessed with Japan and Olympics. Remember that, mango?

oh well.. peace~ peace~ (ahh.. I really want to be in Morning Musume)

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January 15, 2006
'Hotteokinasai' soshite 'dakishimete'
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'Leave it alone' and 'give me a hug'. ^_^ Yossi's so cool. I've been watching Ayaka no totsugeki eikawa! (or ayaka's surprise english lessons for japanese impaired). So funny.

So today. I do. Samusingu. Ehe. Tonikaku, kinou watashi wa tamago doroppu o tsukatta. I think that's right. Anyways, yesterday I made an egg drop. tsukatta is made? tsukuru is 'to make'. tsukukatta?

Tsukuri mashou~ Tsukuri mahou~ Satte satte nani na dekiru ka na?

Okay that's enough Japanese for one night. Speaking of night last night there was this weird show on with Keanu Reeves and some cancerous lady. And I wonder. Will you get cancer? Will I get cancer? Should I go to bed earlier? I don't know.

Woo.. Bouncing off the walls. I don't have much homework. physics and english.. woo. etoo... Why do I want to make something now? I have so many eggs. I bought medium eggs so that the experiment would work better. Make I should make an omelette. Croquet? what are those things anyway?

On iron chef they made banana gratin! It was valentines day and all of them couldn't handle the sweets. Ahh~ aiaiaiai. i didn't intentionally type that by the way.

Okay too much talking for now but I'm really compensating for the caffeinatedness and not updating very much. So there!

for mango..

Yossi seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis.

I feel like this sometimes

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January 12, 2006
Matte matte matte!
ehe. I have to tell a story now. mah.

So today! I went to that school place(insert detail here). And stayed after for art society(insert detail here). But not many other people did. And so I went drove home(insert detail here). And frolicked with some other people staying after. As in running around and randomly bumping into people (insert detail here). And I've been on the compy ever since, watching sayumi michishige figure out how to cook (insert detail here)(insert detail here)(insert detail here). And later on I'm going to go to a financial aid meeting and tomorrow I have no school and [mah! this is boring] then I'll get bored and find a magical dooryway that will lead me to the several next dimensions and

oh wait.. i have to get ready to go to now. Baibai!

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January 11, 2006
Love Love Love Station
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Topic: I am not sure~
Gaah! Stupid Puerto Rico adds blocking mahjong blog!

Well, I went to Ophelia today (club for little insecure girls*don't make it sound so bad*) It's not actually, it's a place where you sit around and talk and talk to girls who have middle school issues everyone knows about.
And I'm not sure because everyone appears to be going out of the country this summer.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (No! I'm not being self-pitying >And I saw French plays today! It was so eventful today! I had a bag that was inside of pants thrown in my general direction! raburii...

Ummmm.. 4 day weekend! Any plans? Besides work? I'm not sure myself.

Oh! And I love watching momusu videos! They're amazing! Kago-chan sincerely has a talent for impersonation Gackt. All the way!

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